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As part of its complete list of paving services, R. Stanley Paving LLC is one of the limited providers for paving repair and installation of Beacon tennis and basketball courts. For repair and sealcoating of any asphalt cracks in Beacon sports courts, trust R. Stanley Paving LLC for paving services that restore, enhance and protect sport play areas.

What’s the Ideal Size for a Multi-Purpose Paved Sports Court?

The best dimensions for a paved sports court depend on its intended use. A common size for a court intended for multiple sports (e.g., basketball and tennis) is around 60 feet by 120 feet. This allows for flexibility in marking different sports lines and facilitates adequate space for play and safety.

Keep in mind that buffer space around the court is essential for safety and comfort. For basketball courts, we recommend an additional 3 feet on all sides. Tennis courts should have at least 12 feet behind each baseline and 6 feet at the sides for proper play.

When you’re unsure of the best court sizing, our technicians will help you visualize, plan, and create a space that meets all your criteria.

Basketball Court Dimensions

The standard size for a full basketball court is 94 feet by 50 feet for professional and college basketball, while high school courts are typically 84 feet by 50 feet. A half-court for casual play is approximately 47 feet by 50 feet, but this can vary depending on available space and specific project requirements.

Tennis Court Dimensions

Singles and doubles courts share the same length but differ in width. Singles tennis court dimensions typically measure 78 feet by 27 feet. Doubles tennis court dimensions are 78 feet by 36 feet. Most often, courts consist are doubles-width with additional markings for the singles court.

R. Stanley Paving LLC’s Outdoor Sports Court Paving Services

Community participation in sports is good for the health and well-being of people of all ages. Our outdoor sports paving services help you create a safe and enjoyable space.

Look to us for:

  • Outdoor basketball court installation
  • Outdoor tennis court installation
  • Multi-purpose sport court installation
  • Sport court maintenance
  • Sport court repairs
  • Sport court resurfacing

What Goes Into a Successful Sport Cout Installation?

A successful sport court installation requires careful planning, proper materials, and expert execution. Essential considerations include site selection, permitting approval, site preparation, foundation and base layer installation, asphalt installation, and finally sealcoating once the asphalt is fully cured.

How Long Will Your Sports Court Last?

With a diligent maintenance plan in place, your sports court can last up to 30 years. In high-traffic and heavy-usage areas—like schools and public parks—the average lifespan of a sporting court is between 15 and 20 years. Climate conditions, material quality used during initial installation, and proper base preparation all influence the lifespan of your investment.

What Are the Maintenance Recommendations for Asphalt Sporting Surfaces?

Keep your court in top shape so more people in your community can access this space and play the games they love. Investing in sealcoating is a great way to protect against moisture and UV damage. Seal coat applications every two to three years will help maintain your court’s smooth and blemish-free appearance.

Filling cracks as soon as they appear prevents water from seeping into the base of your court and causing more extensive damage. Another essential maintenance protocol for keeping your court safe and accessible is to plan for resurfacing every seven to ten years. Doing this will restore smoothness and help you guarantee optimal playing conditions.

Asphalt Sport Courts

Highly durable and requiring minimal upkeep, asphalt is the ideal choice for all sports court surfaces. Whether your requirements include the paving and resurfacing of a play area in your backyard, or an entirely new commercial sports construction, R. Stanley Paving LLC will work closely with clients to develop new surfaces or refurbish an existing court that has deteriorated.

Asphalt and concrete paving repairs recondition a Beacon court

Sport court paving requires experienced professionals skilled in the precise paving techniques required for optimal product performance and durability.

R. Stanley Paving LLC treatments for the repair and maintenance of concrete or asphalt sport courts are designed to handle a high level of activity in either residential or commercial sport settings. Our skilled workmanship combined with heavy duty specialty paints and sealants are applied with an equally solid commitment for designing and maintaining long lasting and safe Beacon sport courts.

Offering technologically advanced methods and superior products, R. Stanley Paving LLC’s sport court surfaces are meant to withstand high traffic and handle a fluctuating climate.

Contact R. Stanley Paving LLC for details about sports court paving and how it can enhance your home or business play areas.

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