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Whether you're looking to repair a community roadway or address the curbside cracks and potholes alongside your driveway, R. Stanley Paving LLC's street paving services stand out for all the right reasons. Blending time-honored strategies with a modern and efficient approach, our street paving services keep Fishkill's paved surfaces free of hazards.

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Why Is It Important to Get Your Pavement Repaired?

When it comes to your driveway, company parking lot, or paved patio, you should never let damages go unaddressed. Small cracks and potholes can quickly worsen over time, leading to costly and extensive repairs down the line.

Did you know that even a small crack can diminish the integrity of your pavement? Cracks weaken the base underneath, leading to a wide variety of issues. Aside from structural problems, damaged pavement detracts from your property's curb appeal, and for businesses, a cracked parking lot can give a negative first impression to customers.

How Do Potholes Form?

Potholes form when water gets under the road surface, freezes, expands, and weakens the pavement. When the ice melts, it leaves voids that traffic then causes to crumble further, creating a pothole. This process is most common in areas with freeze-thaw cycles, but poor drainage, heavy traffic, and old road age can all contribute to pothole creation.

How Can Potholes Be Prevented?

Nobody likes potholes. The good news is that we can often prevent them with proactive maintenance. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through regular sealcoating. Sealcoating acts as a shield, waterproofing the asphalt surface and preventing water from seeping into cracks. This keeps the road base strong and reduces the freeze-thaw damage that's a major culprit in pothole formation.

R. Stanley Paving LLC's Full Suite of Paving Services

When it comes to paving services, there's little we can't do. Whether you need a brand new road constructed or require repairs to your existing pavement, we're here to help you.

When it comes to pavement construction, feel free to inquire about:

  • Access roads and neighborhood streets
  • Your driveways
  • Patios and walkways
  • Street extensions
  • ...and more

As for our maintenance and repair work, don't hesitate to reach out for:

  • Asphalt paving and patching
  • Crack sealing and joint repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Milling and resurfacing
  • Drainage solutions
  • ...and much more

Is Excavation an Essential Stage of Road Construction?

Excavation is absolutely an essential stage of road construction. It's the very foundation for a strong and stable road. Imagine a road built directly on uneven ground-it would be prone to cracking, settling, and overall wear and tear much faster. Under the right circumstances, though, our excavation process never takes more than a few days.

Ensure Success by Relying on Our Paving Services

R. Stanley Paving LLC's paving services ensure that your newly repaired or freshly installed surfaces last as long as intended. We repair cracks, apply long-lasting sealants, address potholes, and take a step-by-step approach to asphalt work for driveways, community roadways, and more. See the difference our professionals can make by calling us at (845) 831-1616 today.

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