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Is your Poughkeepsie driveway or parking lot starting to show signs of wear and tear? Cracks, potholes, and fading can quickly turn a smooth surface into a rough, unsightly mess. Thankfully, we at R. Stanley Paving LLC specialize in sealcoating services designed to extend the life of your asphalt, enhance its appearance, and provide a durable, protective barrier against harsh weather.

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Why Should You Invest in Asphalt Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is the process of applying a liquid mixture, typically asphalt emulsion or acrylic sealant, to your driveway or parking lot. This creates a tough, flexible layer that shields your asphalt from the elements and other factors that cause cracks and deterioration. These elements include harsh sunlight, rain, snow, and even de-icing chemicals.

By waterproofing the surface, sealcoating prevents water from seeping in and causing cracks to widen due to freeze-thaw cycles. This extends the lifespan of your asphalt while reducing the need for costly repairs down the road.

Can You Apply Sealcoating to Concrete?

Technically, you can apply sealcoating to concrete, but it's generally not recommended and may not provide the same benefits it does for asphalt. Concrete is naturally less porous than asphalt, so it's less susceptible to water damage. Also, sealcoating is designed to adhere well to asphalt and may not bond as effectively to the smoother, denser surface of concrete.

R. Stanley Paving LLC's Sealcoating Services: How We Work

Our sealcoating process is ideal for driveways, parking lots, roadways, and other paved areas made of asphalt.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how we ensure a professional and long-lasting sealcoating job:

  • Surface preparation: This crucial step involves power cleaning the asphalt surface to remove dirt, debris, and oil stains. A clean surface ensures optimal sealant adhesion.
  • Crack filling: Existing cracks are filled with a high-quality crack sealant to prevent them from expanding and causing further damage.
  • Sealcoating application: We use a professional sprayer to apply a uniform coat of premium-grade asphalt emulsion or acrylic sealcoat. Depending on the condition of the asphalt, one or two coats may be necessary.
  • Curing time: We strictly adhere to recommended drying times to allow the sealcoat to cure properly and achieve optimal performance.

Will Sealcoating Repair Cracks in Asphalt?

Driveway sealing is a preventative measure and won't fill existing cracks. Cracks should be repaired before sealcoating to prevent them from growing larger and causing further damage. As professional asphalt contractors, we'll be sure to fill in the cracks before applying sealant.

Can You Drive on Asphalt Immediately After Sealcoating?

Our paving company recommends waiting at least 24-48 hours before driving on the newly sealcoated surface to allow it to cure properly. Foot traffic can usually resume after 24 hours.

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Think of R. Stanley Paving LLC's driveway sealcoating services as an insurance policy for your Poughkeepsie driveway or parking lot, keeping it smooth, safe, and looking its best for years to come. Call (845) 831-1616 to learn more.

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