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When it comes to asphalt contractors in Poughkeepsie, few are as reliable as those at R. Stanley Paving LLC. Since opening our doors to the community, we've repaired countless parking lots, restored curbs, installed new driveways, and everything in between. Our work promises up-front affordability and long-term durability.

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What Does a Good Asphalt Paving Job Look Like?

A well-executed asphalt paving job should be visually smooth and seamless, offering a safe and comfortable driving experience for yourself and others. Looks aren't everything, though. The quality goes beyond the surface. A good paving job considers essential aspects for long-term durability.

The asphalt should be laid evenly and free from bumps, dips, or cracks. The transitions between new and existing pavement should also be smooth and barely noticeable when driving over them. Additionally, you should never see standing water after rain. A good paving job incorporates a slight slope that directs water runoff away from the paved surface, preventing pooling and potential foundation problems.

Signs You Need Asphalt Repairs

Even the best paving job can't withstand the elements forever. Here are some telltale signs that your asphalt might need repairs:

  • Cracks: Hairline cracks are a common occurrence, but larger cracks (greater than a quarter-inch wide) indicate a deeper problem and should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Potholes: These sunken areas pose a hazard to vehicles and pedestrians. Don't wait until they become a major safety concern. Instead, contact our asphalt company.
  • Fading and stains: While normal wear and tear can cause the asphalt to lose its rich black color, excessive fading or oil stains can indicate underlying issues.
  • Standing water: Puddling water signifies drainage problems that can lead to further problems if left unaddressed.
  • Raveling: Raveling refers to when the aggregate in the asphalt starts to become dislodged, and the surface becomes gravelly. Quick repairs prevent issues like reduced grip and a rougher driving experience.

R. Stanley Paving LLC's Asphalt Services

Our paving contractors offer a comprehensive range of asphalt services to meet all your needs, from repairs and maintenance to new installations.

Some of the repairs we perform include:

  • Crack sealing to prevent minor cracks from growing into larger problems.
  • Pothole patching to eliminate tripping hazards and protect your vehicles.
  • Asphalt milling and overlay for resurfacing worn or damaged asphalt surfaces.
  • Driveway paving for new installations, replacements, and resurfacing.
  • Parking lot paving and maintenance for businesses and commercial properties.
  • Sidewalk construction and repairs to create safe pedestrian walkways.

We also offer new asphalt construction for driveways, parking lots, walkways, patios, and more. We harness the full potential of asphalt during the construction and installation processes.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Paving Company

Scheduling a consultation with R. Stanley Paving LLC's asphalt paving contractors is simple. All you have to do is call (845) 831-1616. After that, we'll outline the services available to you, the projected costs, and the expected timeline. No matter the scenario, we'll be sure to rise to the occasion.

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