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R. Stanley Paving LLC is a qualified and accredited paving company providing Beacon residential and commercial property owners with the high-quality paved surfaces they need to ensure easy and convenient access to their properties.

From roadways to driveways and more, our crew of asphalt experts and concrete enthusiasts is experienced and skilled in laying the groundwork for highly durable paved surfaces that withstand the constant pressures of weather and traffic. We not only install newly paved asphalt and concrete surfaces but are also highly skilled in repairing old and crumbling pavement.

Work with a team of professionals committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Contact our team today and get started on planning and executing a smooth, hassle-free paving project.

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Beacon’s Best Asphalt Paving Contractor

The team at R. Stanley Paving LLC comprises skilled and dedicated asphalt specialists who excel at crafting long-lasting paved surfaces. From ensuring the ground is sloped and graded to allow for optimized water management to layering and compacting a topcoat of premium asphalt, our crew accomplishes every step according to the highest industry standards.

When you work with our paving company, you can always expect the following:

  • Comprehensive site assessments and planning
  • Effective water management techniques
  • Detailed consultations and cost estimates
  • The use of high-quality asphalt and concrete
  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • …and more

To view our previous work, please visit our online gallery containing examples of our team’s completed projects.

Driveways, Streets, Parking Lots, and Other Paving Projects

Everywhere you look these days, you can see evidence of the importance of high-quality pavement. From potholed streets that make you wince for your vehicle shocks to smooth-sailing driveways that allow you to park with ease, the quality of the asphalt under you can significantly impact your day-to-day.

Here at R. Stanley Paving LLC, we execute many types of paving projects with the same attention to detail and assurance of durability. The most sought-after paving jobs we’re called upon to perform include the following:

We also provide complete concrete and blacktop paving services to meet the needs of any Beacon property owner or manager. If you have any questions about the services we’re able to perform, please contact us at your convenience.

Licensed and Accredited Paving Services

R. Stanley Paving LLC is proud to provide fully certified and licensed paving services for Beacon residents. Every member of our insured and qualified team of paving contractors has invested many years in becoming a verified pro. We take our responsibility of providing safe and dependable paved surfaces seriously, never cutting corners or allowing subpar work to occur on any project we oversee.

From installing fresh pavement to repairing old and crumbling asphalt, we’re the team to ensure a high-grade and polished finish that will weather snow, rain, and heavy traffic for many years to come.

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Don’t let your property suffer from poor paving any longer—get in touch with the skilled paving experts at R. Stanley Paving LLC to consult on your project and enjoy the hands-on attention we put into every project.

You can reach us here or by calling (845) 831-1616.